I've commented on freeview facebook about losing channels 2&3 on Thursday evening. A few others have commented about this issue as well. 

I've left messages with freeview but have had no reply yet. Yes, I've tried retuning the tv but channels 2&3 don't show up neither the 2&3 plus 1. Strange how's it's just some people and not a whole lot.

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At 1:30pm today the channels miraculously re-appeared.

Obviously (now) a repeater problem. 

Hey Sir James

The Transmission provider was contacted this morning and from the reports it looks like they replicated the fault with the repeater, I will have a look into this on Monday with the techs.

Thanks for your query and update to the issue :-)


This now happening in Dunedin, TV3 and FOUR as well as The Edge has disappeared, this is on HD

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