Suddenly I am getting a commentary on tv one for the visually impaired I go to menu and follow the instructions and switch the off button but it won’t go away 

Can you help?

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Hi William,

Which device are you using? 


Sat box ultra s7090pvr

Good Morning William

On your remote, there is a button called AD which enables Audio Description, press that and follow the on screen prompt. you could also try changing the audio channel via the remote too, this will disable the Audio Description channel and switch back to the normal channel audio stream. 

Let me know how you get on


I had already turned the audio to off the other day and nothing changed 

sorry no ad button on my remote

If you give DISH TV a call on 0800 3474 88 or email them here: https://www.dishtv.co.nz/index.php?route=information/contact 

They will be able to have a look for you and provide some further troubleshooting. 

Hopefully this helps



Hi Josh

done nothing since we spoke the other day but on Coronation St last night it had gone!!!!!
i think it was something tvone was up to 

thanks Bill

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