I bought this tv and Granddaughter set it up for me. all good however when I turned it back on from standby Tv mode for freeview  says scan channels which I have done several times but don't get any. Do I have to do a factory reset to go back to installation.  All other channels like Sky and recorder are good. 

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Hi Doreen, 

Does this message appear on all channels? Also check to see if the cable from the aerial is plugged into the back of the TV.


These are the 3 stages of channel search

Youtube and Netflix work.  I didn't know I had to buy an aerial. Last tv had it built in. I read specs and thought this one does too.  I only have aerial to scan

Hi Doreen, 

Yes your TV has Freeview Built in, however to watch the Freeview Channels you will need to connect the aerial to the TV, the cable can be found near the wall sockets or from the floor near your TV. 

It might be best to double check with your grand daughter to see if she had plugged this in so you can watch Freeview via UHF


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