I have an external powered 4 tb HDD and it wont let me format it through freeview, and when I format it through a computer it partitions it into a 2tb but still wont recognise it. please help

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Hi Jenne

Contact Dish TV as they will be able to help you get your hard drive ready on the satbox. 



Hi Jenne

FAT32 has a limit using Windows of making a 32GB partitition.  To overcome this I normally use Windows to format the drive in NTFS to it's maximum size and then use a utility called guiformat.exe (which you can find with Google assistance).     Sorry 2TB is the maximum that you can go up to with this method and I don't know of anyway to go beyond 2TB with FAT32.

If you are using a Freeview unit to format it may not be using FAT32 but more likely a linux partition




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