I cant log into TVNZ app on my freeview. Have been using it regularly but on Thurs it said. 'There was a problem logging into please try again later'
Ive checked my details n password and can log in on my phone. Turned off device moden etc but no change. Access via panasonic recorder..
Any ideas??

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Identical issues with Panasonic DMR as well as LG Smart TV, both having worked perfectly earlier in the week. Error message is on TVNZ login page, whereas we need to register a new login for the Freeview On Demand updated platform, rather than an individual TVNZ. I've just sent an exhaustive message to FreeviewNZ, since there appears no other route to register a new login distinct from TVNZ. Three and Maori TV are unaffected, as is Prime Catch-up and Netflix. We'll just have to stack up a list of things to watch until its fixed - you may be able to do this by accessing your TVNZ account on your browser. This hasn't changed.
Ive logged an error with them. Seems many say their having same issue on TVNZ ondemand facebook page.

All sorted this afternoon, after automatic LG WebOS and App updates - everything's back to being compatible.  Interesting, since I still haven't been able to create what I recognise as a Freeview On Demand account - everything is still contingent on my original TVNZ account.  Panasonic DMR similarly has resolved the obstruction at App level. Happy as Larry, since I still needed to watch the finale of "Hangups" - a hoot.

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