Tv3 and Bravo Mux programmes all changed to 8** programme numbers along with Maori TV

As of this morning my tv an LG 42" about 6 years old informs that for these two separate muxes the software cannot access NIT or network  information table information. Is this the reason why all the programmes on these two muxes now have programme numbers of 8**

All other programmes on the three other muxes can access NIT and the programme numbers are correct.

How do we found out if this is a broadcasting issue?

My set top boxes  on the same terrestrial aerial are fine.

Thank you


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Hi Paul,

Sorry you are having some trouble with the broadcasts, Kordia made some upgrades on the transmission in the early hours of this morning.

Are you able to do a retune and that should correct the technical aspects of the broadcast so you can view normal numbers instead of8** 

Let me know how that goes?

Cheers, Josh

Yes I retuned several times along with everything else I could think of - excepting disconnecting from electricity for a period as you would a computer - and it made no difference at all. The message remains - cannot access NIT.

Surely doesnt affect my tv alone?

Hi Paul 

I just got updater that these channels are currently in a phase of testing before they are allocated to their normal channel numbers, the TV won't be affected by this and the channels will reallocate automatically when it is time for them to do so, however does the message appear on the normal channels like TVNZ 1 or Three? 

Cheers, Josh

hi Josh, that's good news, thank you. There were five muxes, and the two affected were for Mediaworks, and Maori TV which is apparently going HD. The other three just said "Freeview" in place of notification about not accessing NIT, and their programme number were, and are, fine.

Thank you for the heads up, Josh.


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