tuned in new prime channel on main TV but lost receptions onother TV's in house

Doers anyone have any ideas how to bring up Sky and freeview on 2nd & 3rd Tv's in house?  Have managed to successfully tune in Freeview DTV Solutions in thru blind scanning following directions on this site, but have lost everything off both 2nd and 3rd TV's.  Cant see any thing on them so cant bring up the menu on them to try and sort from each of these TV's Any ideas please?  Freeview uses off our Sky Dish for reception as unable to receive Freeview in our area without it

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Let me know when you have both freeview and Sky.


Hi Paul have tried again today and have gone from 21. - 69 on DTVS but still no luck with Freeview in bedroom The large TV in lounge is clear on freeview but still flicks to black screen and back every few seconds Might just to call on an expert

Sounds like you have a poor connection or signal  going to The DTVS check the connections on the back and make sure they are tight on the F connector.

 Check your Signal quality

Sorry but I don't have a proper idea about that things.



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