tuned in new prime channel on main TV but lost receptions onother TV's in house

Doers anyone have any ideas how to bring up Sky and freeview on 2nd & 3rd Tv's in house?  Have managed to successfully tune in Freeview DTV Solutions in thru blind scanning following directions on this site, but have lost everything off both 2nd and 3rd TV's.  Cant see any thing on them so cant bring up the menu on them to try and sort from each of these TV's Any ideas please?  Freeview uses off our Sky Dish for reception as unable to receive Freeview in our area without it

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Can you please clarify which freeview receivers you have and how many?

Do you have Sky as-well ?

Hi Paul
We have one receiver and there is an infrared Seder attached to the TV in bedroom to change channels from there to downstairs. We have my sky We are under a hill in Chch so our Freeview relays on our sky dish for reception Grateful for any assistance
Thats suppose to be sender
The freeview sender is DTV solutions is model DTVS - 1B

So the TV in the Bedroom is connected to a cable and the infra-red sender allows you to change channels on the DTVS - 1B satellite receiver ?

Yes we can change either Freeview or sky from this sender

Have you made any other changes other than doing a blind scan on the DTVS - 1B

The RF channel may have changed on the DTVS - 1B.

Do you still have SKY in both bedrooms still ?

Tried this no reception on main Tv when on 16.9 but do have on full screen. Still nothing on bedroom tv on either Freeview or sky. Sky absolutely blank, Freeview wavy lines. Even the main TV Freeview blacks out frequently then comes back on

So the Freeview receiver and My Sky are in the lounge ?

Its the RF Channel that may need to be changed.

What numbers to you normally press on the TV remote to watch Sky or Freeview  in the bedrooms ?

Yes both in lounge. Don't press any numbers on TV remote upstairs only up or down on the large button with "P" on it on the right side of control

When you press the P button what does it say on the TV screen .

If you think that the Freeview box is causing the problem turn it off and see if you get Sky in bedrooms.

Paul said:

When you press the P button what does it say on the TV screen .

If you think that the Freeview box is causing the problem turn it off and see if you get Sky in bedrooms.


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