I've not had reception issues before but in the last month or so TV1 especially has been terrible. A check of the signal strength reported at the TV showed around 3/10. So I checked all the normal things, cabling etc. Then I turned my attention to the antenna. I have a Matchmaster high gain 02MM-MDU50 antenna and I live in Matua which is supposed to have excellent Freeview reception. The website says I should point towards Te Aroha but I get no signal when I do that as there is a small hill in the way on that side. So I point towards Kopukairua. If I mount the antenna orientation vertical (the two sections on top of each other) I can get best reception but it seems I can get either Prime and Maori TV or TV1 depending on where I point it, but not both. Other channels are good. Any help would be appreciated.

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the 2 section are supposed to be side by side with the 4 X up & down or vertical

Thanks, I'm sure you're right but the new position gets considerably better reception for some reason. I'm actually over the antennae method entirely, does anyone know when the new app will be going live so I can ditch them? I have two TVs, about a 2017 Samsung and a new Panasonic. The Samsung shows the Freeview Live app with a download symbol which cannot be actioned and the Panasonic just heads to the Freeview app page promising great things

Hi Nigel.

It's possible that you may be dealing with 4G cellular Mobile Reception overload.

Do you have a 4G Filter installed at all?.

I'm over in Whakatane myself and Prior to 4G being used had good reception from Te Aroha and then it all turned to Custard. My Signal levels were all over the show and Pictures were all Pixelated.

I'm using a Phased Array Antenna myself - One that uses 4 X Dipoles - which sounds like what you are using but with 2 X Dipoles.

Phasing of these Antenna's is Critical with Both Te Aroha (Horizontal) and Kopu (Verticle)

Once i done a bit of a Site Survey with my Meter i soon discovered some massive signals coming from a newly installed local Cellular Mobile Tower where its Signals were Saturating or Overloading the Tuner Stage in my Tv's... Once i installed a 4G Filter all was Cured.

It's so worth getting it sorted especially when you have the Choice of Two Transmitters - Kopu and Te Aroha. They are literally on your doorstep.

Online Streaming is not as Efficient and Instant as off-Air Terrestrial.

Plus, you're not using Data.



Thanks Ren, I''ll try a filter and alter the antenna orientation - can you send a photo of the orientation of the antenna for Kopu to show what you mean? (I don't have line of sight for Te Aroha). Thanks again

Hi Nigel.

No Problem. I have attached a Picture of my Wisi Phased Array that i use on Te Aroha.

Yours by the sound of it is a Cut down or 1/2 Version of what i have.

As seen in my Situation - The X Dipoles are Horizontal and Facing in the Direction of Te Aroha.

For Kopu you would need to Rotate and Mount the Antenna so that the X Dipoles are in the Verticle Position and Facing towards Kopu.

Hope that Helps... 


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