We are getting several problems which may be connected. We have a T2200 around 2 years old.

Freeview box freezes, screen often goes black, no sound or picture with no sound, and no response to remote or button on set. Have to turn off at wall and restart.
Playback can stutter on one image.
Playback jumps back to earlier images, usually advertisements.
Very bad pixillation, but usually connected to weather conditions.
Loud cracking/spitting sound which can really startle you, both live and playback.

Any suggestions, please?

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Good Morning Mylan 

Have you checked to see if the T2200 needs a software update? You can find this in the settings. If there needs to be an update I would recommend going through that process and then see if the issue replicates. If you are still having issues I would then go for a factory reset to refresh anything that could be causing issues. 

Let me know how you get on


Thank you Josh. If I do a reset will I lose anything in the library?

Shows in your library will remain as they are, but you will need to set your series link on the guide after. 


I did an factory reset and it appears to have fixed the problem, famous last words! I also found out the dish TV box is only 7 months old not 2 years. We did an auto scan and have lost Aljazeerah with the reset. A manual scan requires the frequency, which we can't find. Any suggestions?

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