Hi all, I have a Sony with built in FreeviewHD, I also have DishTV T1050PVR. Both feed from the same aerial.

The TV has 100% Quality & 90% Strength - there is no probs with this

My T1050PVR is connected "first in line" yet has a fluctuating 25 to 47 strength with Q varying from good to drop out stage. Suspecting a faulty 1050, I fitted a simple T1020 - results - not much better.

My Q: has anyone else experienced DishTV product with very differing signal sensitivity? I do realise that the built in Q/S gauges are not calibrated, more indicative, but to have such a huge difference between TV & STB's is puzzling. 

Obviously the STB's are not lying either, because they pixelate/drop sound when the indicative signal drops.

Any thoughts please,



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I borrowed an Igloo which has a different inbuilt meter. It actually gives a dbuV reading.

From our Wheatstone Road the max signal on an igloo is 62dbuv. I received 59dbuv.

dbuV are not linear but logarithmic, so my signal is down by 3bduV which is quite a drop. But it does mean though that the Sony TV is way more sensitive, than the T1050.

My next step is to borrow a professional field strength meter, something that has international calibration. Then I will have all the answers.

Cheers, Graeme

and whats the C/N reading?

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