Shows not recorded due to wrong times in part of EPG - TV3 and Bravo main offenders?! (UHF)

Location: Tauranga (UHF reception)
Channels affected: TV3, Bravo and ??
Equipment used: Panasonic PVR (latest firmware installed), Panasonic Smart TV (lastest firmware installed) and a friend's old Freeview box (ancient firmware).

Hi Guys,

I have a problem the last few days. When I try to record shows from TV3 and Bravo, they won't most of the time. I believe this is due to the EPG being out of time sync, but please let me know your opinion and most importantly: what can I do or can Freeview do to solve this - I'm not the only one as a friend has the same problem?!

Symptoms: when I change channels (say to TV3), I normally see the time and description of the program and can change to present/next show (with left and right arrows). It does this for TV1, but not TV3. TV3 shows the time only, NOT the show title (present nor next). When I press EPG, the show title etc DOES appear correctly, however when I press again (to get the "What's on now/next screen), it shows wrong times for ALL the channels, not just TV3. I hope I can upload the picture showing the show on TV3 is "Now 00:55 Informercials" while it is 4:13pm and there is a different show.
The interesting thing is that my friend's ancient Freeview box DOES show the show title but also DOESN'T display the "What's on now" screen correctly. I guess that's a matter of different brands and how the software designers decided to deal with contradicting information from the Freeview system.

The result is that the shows I want to record get stuck in Pause Mode (probably waiting for the correct information) and do NOT record. Of course I can record manually (mind you, the suggested end time is also wrong), but I'm not there all the time to correct a malfunctioning Freeview system.

I'm still in the process of figuring out which other channels go wrong and if/when TV3, Bravo and ?? channels DO obey and record. I've had the problem in the past (last year??) and am surprised I can't find anything on the Internet referring to this, as clearly I'm not the only one.

Suggestions / help appreciated!

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An addition:

Today TV3 recorded normally and when I checked the EPG (What's on now/next screen), the times and programs were showing accurately. Bravo did not record - mind you, I was not there at the time to check the EPG.

One more thing: when it was not recording automatically, I did it manuall and the recorded show had the wrong title (of the delayed EPG) on it (but the right show).

What am I not getting?!


Right, continuing my monologue... :-)

Everything seems to be back to normal again. I know I'm not the only one that had the problem, maybe just one of the ones that recorded things on the times the EPG was out. I'll let you know when it happens next time.

Hi Guys, back again...

TV3 has the same problem: no program title showing when I zap and the Freeview box won't record a pre-set show to record. When I record manually the wrong title comes up, but it does record the right show. Yesterday Bravo had the same problem, today it seems to be ok.

Can somebody check to see if the TV3 (or TV3+1) program title comes up while zapping please? If not, try to record a show from the EPG and see what it does please? I can't be the only one?? Ha ha. Thanks!

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