Is it time for a new receiver? 

My Strong SRT 4300 Digital Satellite Receiver has stopped working after being unused over the summer months.  It has power and will turn on to Standby but will not stay  on when switched to operate. That is  "power on" so it can be used.

I do not know whether the LNB has failed or the receiver is faulty. Is it possible a lightning strike or just old age set in ?  The Receiver being 8 years old now , it may well be time for a new one / upgrade?    

Any advise would be welcome before I purchase something more modern. Naturally not wanting to buy something new and still have these problems 

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See if it will switch on with the satellite cable unplugged
If so then cable/ lnb suspect
If not then new box time

Thanks Willis.

I tried this and got the same result. Then I checked the LNB to find the plastic cover had perished and the LNB was exposed to the elements. When I removed the LNB the cable was frozen and that also broke off. 

As a result I will be replacing both the cable and LNB tomorrow.

From what you say it also looks like I will need a new box as well.  

I will update you as things progress.  Thanks again for your help.

willis said:

See if it will switch on with the satellite cable unplugged
If so then cable/ lnb suspect
If not then new box time

Problem solved with a new lnb, cable and (improved) receiver. Delighted to say I got a signal straight away and did not have to re-calibrate. 

Many thanks.

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