Samsung TV requires sign in to freeview on demand everytime

Ive an LG which retains my login always. 

The samsung did work ok. Only purchased early 2019. If i login with email, alls good. Atleast most of the time, albeit ive suffered midway thru on demand crashing out to live tv. Interestingly, i tried signing up again with FB however the unique code is not accepted. What!? Freeview say its a samsung issue likely, samsung say uae a manual google dns on tv. Well guess what. Still get aaked to sign in every damn time. Any help out there? Cheers.

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Hi Jason, 

Hmmm... Have you tried a hard reboot of the TV, switch it off at the wall and leaving it for 20 mins. then  switching it back on again? 

If the issue reoccurs, try a factory reset and see if the problem reoccurs, if it still occurs please let me know.


Hi Josh. Yes have tried a factory reset. No joy..still wants login each time. Tvnz on demand app works fine tho. Its almost as if this tv is out of sync with freeview backend servers? Im sure latest update is when this problem started..aa used be ok apart from crashing out intermittently. However when it did crash out i could run freeview again and it would let me resume programme from last point without login. Havent tried removing power for 20mins so will give it ago too. Cheers

Date and Time Settings are set to Autromatic instead of manual? 

Correct, auto time zone. Tried a factory reset again lastnight however havnt had chance to switch external power off since. Did run Freeview after factory reset and logged in. Watch some content and exited. Re ran Freeview and resumed without login again, however that often is OK, perhaps need to try after TV in standby mode tonight. Will advise outcomes. Thanks

Josh ✔️ said:

Date and Time Settings are set to Autromatic instead of manual? 

No worries, Please let me know how you get on!


Good news. Power off for 20mins..complete factory reset of tv (again) and this time it appears success. Logged in and so far havnt been asked again. Wohoo!

Aweosme to hear Jason! 


Well, guess it was to good to be true, and situation has re-occurred :)

Ive no idea what changed as it appeared OK for a day. What is of interest though is I appear to have 2 versions installed. If I open the apps pre-loaded with Samsung, I have a version 1.1.1

If I open this, it loads Freeview without sign-in requirement and shows my recent programmes etc

And then there is the newer version which popped up in recent times as the new and improved ver 1.11.5 .. this is the buggar that causes issues. Now, there appears to be No option to uninstall the old version. I also note that both versions drop out back to live tv, however the old version is far less frequent. I also note that often the old version will not load/open on first attempt, but often OK on second attempt or if opened from within the apps page.

See pics.

So it seems all the problems commenced around the time the new version came down over the air?

Im at a loss now :(


Hi Jason, 

Thanks for the update 

I have begun to esculate this to our teams to have a look, once I hear back I will let you know. 

Thanks Josh,

43 inch NU7100, purchased Jan 2019

Thanks Jason 

I will flick it through to the team. 



Thanks Josh,

Another thought. Samsung say Freeview comes pre-installed as an app. I note I've turned on HbbTV which from my quick research shows as an alternative source for Freeview on demand. This I expect explains the 2 versions I see. I will try turning off HbbTV tonight and run through testing with the App alone, perhaps that is the conflict?


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