Returning from overseas, I found a message about the change & updated as requested.  However, the 3 channels show as Test1, I think, & I cannot pre-programme them, although my EPG works if I access it through another channel. Also I can record Prime, e.g., if I'm on that channel & press the 'record' button obviously!!) Thanks in advance for some help with this.  Cheers J.

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Did you follow the instructions Here ?

Test 1 Test etc are the old frequency's for Prime etc .

Input 10 using the numerical keys on the DishTV remote

Press INFO twice on the remote

 The new Prime frequency  will have DVB-S, 12519MHz 22500kSps, H  on the left hand side along the bottom of screen.

If you wish to delete the old entries (test 1 etc)

1. Press Menu

2. Select User Settings Press OK

3. Use down arrow to select Organizer Press OK

4 . Input Password (Default is 0000)

5. Use the Up & Down arrow keys to select the channels you wish to delete.

6. The Blue button will mark each channel that you wish to delete with a red cross .

7. Press OK to delete the channels .

8. Select Yes  when the window pops up with * Do you want to delete service records ? *

9. Press EXIT button to resume normal viewing.

My apologies for wasting your time!! The 'here' instructions worked perfectly. Firstly, the scan found everything but the 3 channels, then a message came up to scan the others in, which it did.  Then, after a little while, I was able to pre-record a Prime programme. Cheers,



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