Just recently my s8200 has stopped recording most programmes added via the EPG schedule. All set up to record and then a message will appear in bottom right corner of screen, "cannot start recording". Can confirm that nothing else is recording at time, other than time shift being operational. Also, think it's all connected, sometimes when trying to change channel a message appears "tuner engaged for recording" and impossible to change channel unless press stop on remote to kill time shift (nothing else recording at time). Do I have an issue with my disk drive? The supplied loop cable that connects to the tuner outlets on the rear is connected as expected

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Hi Nick, 

Thanks for posting your issue, 

I would recommend having a chat to the DISH TV team regarding this, you can reach them on the below methods: 


Thanks, Josh

Thanks Josh for pointing me to their website. Much appreciated

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  • OnDemand Issues for SAMSUNG SMART TV
    We are aware of issues with these TVs, It is under investigation.  Please check NETWORK STATUS for the latest updates. 

    If you post regarding this, please include your Model Number which can be found in the Menu or the back of your TV. 

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