I recently purchased an LG 49LH570T TV with built in Freeview Plus. I originally connected by WiFi and was not able to run on demand apps as it would automatically crash out to normal TV as soon as it came to a commercial on the on demand programme I was watching. On reading this forum it seemed others were having similar problems, often caused by the WiFi.

I have since connected to the internet by cable which has solved the problem with TVNZ on demand, however with TV3 programmes on demand I now get an error message as soon as I select the programme 'Sorry there's a problem with this video. Please try again later or go to tv3.co.nz/apps for more info or to report the problem.' The audio for the programme plays, but the video does not. 

Appreciate any help anyone can offer.


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Did you ever find a fix for this? I have the same issue.

Hi Mark,

No still having the same issue. In fact it's got worse in that now in that on demand apps doesn't even work most of the time. It randomly pops up from time to time but 90% of the time when you press the button to start on demand apps it just doesn't work. I have emailed the networks, Samsung, & Freeview & haven't heard anything other than 'we're looking into it' (that was months ago) so if you manage to get some positive result from someone I'd love to hear about it.

Very frustrating.

I have given up on using it for now. But I have sent some emails ect to free view, so I'll let you know if I get a reply

OK thanks. Hopefully if several people are having the same issue it may get looked at more seriously.

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