Hi all.

Having some problems while trying to edit recordings on my DishTV SatBox Ultra s7090 pvr.

I can select the beginning and end point of the section I want to cut out, I can hit the OK button to do the cut, but more often than not, it tells me the edit is successful but the unwanted part is still there, and the file size and length are the same as before the edit. To make it worse, I cant play past the end point of the unwanted edit section, so I cant watch the bit I wanted to keep.

If I do a reboot before editing it sometimes helps. I sometimes get one or two successful edits, but rebooting before every edit without knowing if it will work is frustrating.

Transferring the recording to a USB sometimes takes the unwanted piece and leaves the wanted piece behind, or it may take the whole recording but only play up to the end of the edit, or I might get lucky and have it play all the file.

Any ideas on how to stop this from happening? How to get the unplayable sections of the recording back? I have the latest firmware upgrade available.

Thanks, Adam.

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Hi Adam 

I have forwarded this onto our software team to see if they have any remedies/solutions, once they do I will get back to you

Kind Regards
Dish TV Online Support

Thank You.

Hi Adam

We will test this and see if we can replicate on our end, I will get back to you on the result for further information. 

Thanks again
Dish TV Online Support

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