Since prime changed their channel I am having a problem with reception 

I can get the picture but the sound sounds like an USA station I can get prime plus one fine 

any suggestions please 

Bill P

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I'm the same. Video on Prime ch15 but audio is Duke plus 1. Prime plus 1 is fine as well

I managed to get the channels working properly by resetting the box and searching for channels. Worked just fine.

Hi There,

As mentioned by Sir James. Simply doing a factory reset and retuning should resolve this issue. if you have any further issues, you should contact Dish TV directly.

I hope this helps.

Derek Brown said:

The factory reset worked for me. For my DishTV receiver it was menu/installation/factory default (default PIN 0000). It had to do this twice, once for existing channels and then I was prompted to do it again for 'new' (changed) channels, but all is good now.

If I do a factory reset will I lose my library programs 

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