I have lost Prime tv. I have the latest A2 Box. Never had any trouble before yesterday, does anybody have the same problem

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Fixed it from settings did a Satilite scan everything working well now.

Yep, I have same problem, and I can rescan and get it back. But give it a week and same problem again, bravo and prime dissappear, signal is strong. I even replaced cables, No idea why this new box does it.

We too regularly lose Bravo and Prime and when I've remonstrated with Dish TV they just brush it off as a dish or LNB problem.  But ....  if I reboot the A2 Box then the channels come back again, which suggests to me it is not a dish problem.  Further, we have never had this problem until we bought the A2 SuperBox, which also has other issues.  I am sure it has been released to the market before being developed fully.

A full power-off reboot seems to do the trick which is probably quicker than re-scanning.  It is a bit of a fag though as it takes a while, also loses your On Demand login whicht needs to be input again.

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