Hi Forum,

I have finally given up with my A2 box, after losing Prime for 5 days now. This morning I unhooked it and put my old S7090PVR  set top box back in. I now have all my channels back so to me that says that my A2 box was the problem. 

I loved some of the new functions I was able to get, tv on demand but can get that on my lap top. I'm looking forward to watching the shows on Prime that I have missed out on.

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Hi Rhonda, 

Sorry to hear you have been having this experience on the A2 Box, If you are keen can you share a little more via Private Message so we can pass this forward to the manufacturer? 


Hi Josh thanks for the reply. I'm going to drop my A2 Box off to the retailer so the can send it back to the manufacturer. It's the 2nd Box I have had, thought I would look at getting another Freeview Box,

Here re the details that I should of put in when I first did my post 

Coverage area: Gore, Southland.

Satelite Dish Hills

A2 Box conected to Samsung  series 5 Television.

If you need any more information feel free to  contact me 



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