Can anyone tell me how to retune an Autex to get Prime. Thanks

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Autex  or Avtex ?

If its L186DRS/L216DRS .

To Add New Services/Channels
Due to broadcast changes and to future proof your Satellite TV
it is possible to add additional transponders so you have the
opportunity to add any new channels that may get added to the
channel list.
To add a transponder follow the procedure below:
Access Advanced Setup menu, you will need to input password(default 0000)
Press the GREEN button to enter satellite and TP Manager
Select the satellite you are tuned to (OPTUS D1), and
press  (Right arrow key) to enter TP list.

Press RED button Add the new frequency. Symbol rate and

Transponder 12519

Symbol  22500

Polarity  H

Press OK to store.

Press BLUE scanning button, your Satellite TV will then
automatically scan the new transponder and add any new
channels found and add them to you channel list.

Thames, just what I need

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