I have recently given my old (2008) Samsung LA40M8 TV and Freeview Box (T1020) to my daughter in-law who lives in Waihi. Her place has a fancy looking UHF Ariel on the roof and we can successfully load 11 channels but only ones like Maori, Al Jeeza, Shopping, China etc, All scans start with channel 21 like the box isn't even attempting to look for One, Two, Three Prime etc. Worked fine in Wellington and the Channels it does find in Waihi are clear enough.

Any ideas anyone?



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What you may have to do is try a factory reset with the unit to get/find the missing channels

Hi Barry,

Please do a Factory Reset on your box and rescan for channels, this should usually restore normal channels back to their allocated slots.

it is supposed to scan from CH 21 as that is the start of the UHF band
the 21 refers to frequency numbering not tv channel numbering
given that waihi is inbetween kopukairua tauranga and mt te aroha youay be struggling to get a decent signal

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