Is anyone else having a loss of  signal problem in the Kapiti area?

Currently I have the dreaded "no signal" across all channels. 

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Nigel is keeping me informed at the moment by checking his reception every 5-20 minutes via retune, can you all please do the same, helps to have more help on-board as I try and get information to update on the Network Status, and thanks for reporting this too! (I was only doing a brief check f the management of the forums and came across this alert at 7.30!)

As soon as the Light on the Igloo Box turns green from Orange ( No Sig ) will advise , currently watching Netflix !

from Electra Web Site

Network Status

Unplanned Outages:


We currently have an unplanned outage affecting North of and including Ferndale and some properties in Woodlands, We have a current estimated restoration time of 10.00pm

For your safety treat lines as live at all times.


If you have a fault please call Electra on 0800 LOST POWER (0800 567 876)

No hot water? Call us first on 0800 LOST POWER (0800 567 876)

From my quick search on Google Ferndale and Woodlands are in the Invercargill area

sounds like the call centre are geographically embarrassed !!  LOL

Hey Freeview is back online, 

If still no signal then redo a channel search

Thanks again for your info Steve, lets hope someone can convince Kordia either of the need for a generator backup or a shift to the other site (as the FM stations did).

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 See Network Status for more info and updates.

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