Is anyone else having a loss of  signal problem in the Kapiti area?

Currently I have the dreaded "no signal" across all channels. 

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Yup both our TV's have been out for about half an hour now.

Cant see anything "official" yet!

I was trying to remember if there was someone we could call, e.g. the power company etc? I recall making a call to someone last time just can't remember who.

Just heard from a friend that apparently the power outage is in Waikanae, will try and verify 

It appears a tree has gone though a power line in Waikanae causing a power outage . See Electra website for restoration time !!
Obv Ngarara TX has lost power too


We currently have an unplanned outage affecting North of and including Rimu Road, Ngarara Road and some properties in Woodlands, We have a current estimated restoration time of 08.40pm

For your safety treat lines as live at all times.


If you have a fault please call Electra on 0800 LOST POWER (0800 567 876)

No hot water? Call us first on 0800 LOST POWER (0800 567 876)

Great thanks for the update steve I willl post on freeview facebook page

must have been a decent fault  as the lights dimmed in Otaki briefly

Wow, ok thanks for your info, I have posted on facebook to keep people in the know. Nothing more frustrating than having no idea whats happening.

Previous to last Dec you could check on Radio Live 99.1  Rock 91.9 and Edge 97.5 as they were also at the Ngarara Road Transmitter Site  .    They have since been relocated to the Forest Heights transmitter site . So we don't have that  ( Indicator method ) any more for loss of electricity / freeview !

ah right so  thats why they were not effected this time. Sounds like they need to shift the tv as well!

I would love it to be moved there !!  it would be so much better for Otaki viewers who struggle from Ngarara or Wharite  .  Installing a back generator at Ngarara would be a no brainer !!  LOL

Hi Guys, I have updated the Network Status page to reflect the unplanned outage, please keep updated in this discussion when power or reception returns from the transmitter.

Kind Regards

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All platforms working normally.

 See Network Status for more info and updates.

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