We have a UHF freeview since Sunday and it was working fine and then tonight during the news it said No Signal.  Have no idea why?  Any suggestions why.


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Hi Gav,

I assume you're saying that you suddenly lost your signal /picture and it hasn't come back on again.

If that's the case, then it's probably something fairly simple like the signal cable come out of the wall, or come out of the TV socket. - (or the cable cut outside!)

If you have a Freeview terrestrial receiver connected to an older TV, then make sure that the receiver is turned on, and not in standby.

If your signal cable connects through a VCR or DVD before plugging into the TV, make sure the power plug hasn't been disconnected to the VCR or DVD; - or try it with the signal cable connected directly from the wall socket to the TV.

If you have a masthead amplifier then the power supply may have tripped. Failing those things it could be a lot more serious, like a blown splitter, or a cable "blown out".

Can you take your TV to a friends or bring another TV to your place, just to make sure that it isn't the TV itself?

Cheers,    Bill.



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