I can't access the TV guide, screen says "loading..." but doesn't load. Not working on Samsung TV and Panasonic recorder, both connected to same aerial, butTV picture perfect. Location is Rotorua. Is it the freeview transmission?

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EPG seems to only work on tvnz,prime & aljazeera multiplexes

I had exactly the same problem for a few days recently.

It didn't correct itself so I went into the menu on the recorder and reset all the channels by letting it do a automatic search for channels, all of which it found no problem.

EPG then worked again, but I did lose all the programmes I had on automatic record. All already recorded programmes still there though.

I'm having the same problem here in Papamoa on TV with built in Freeview on Aerial. When it comes up "loading..." have to power down TV to reset it. Seem to work OK on some channels as above.

I realize now, that the EPG doesn't work on TV3.

If I change to another channel it works (i forget which ones).

Have you tried a re-tune of all channels ?

As I said, this is what totally fixed my problems of no EPG.

Bruce said:

I realize now, that the EPG doesn't work on TV3.

If I change to another channel it works (i forget which ones).

I just tested again and now TV3 is working on both the TV (no re-tune) and recorder.

I did re-tune my recorder but at the time that didn't work.

I guess someone made an error in the TV3 EPG code but has now fixed it.  


I also have a Panasonic recorder and UHF aerial also connected to my TV. Retune turned out to be the worst thing to do when I lost partial EPG info on my recordings, as there was a fault and I lost the TVNZ channels. Someone online suggested this for a different Panasonic recorder.

If you look on Network Status on this forum, you can see if there’s a fault, and if there is I’d leave well enough alone. And take TV off automatic retune of new channels quick smart before it suffers the same fate, as mine did a while later it lost the channels too. Don’t know about EPG on the TV as I don’t really use it on the TV, I run the PVR through it and don’t actually record on TV.

What helped me was to contact Freeview NZ support. The next morning it was fixed, thankfully just after my TV had lost the channels. I didn’t know how long I could watch the TV3 breakfast programme without wanting to hurt someone haha, it’s just too newsy and serious for that early in the morning. Nah just kidding about hurting someone, but I was really missing my TV1 & 2, and I was worried I’d miss the Doctor Who special in a few days. I watch very little on TV3 these days, programming has really gone downhill, all trashy reality TV, and awful movies during the day about child murders, vindictive exes, etc. Certainly don’t want my young child watching that rubbish. Nadia’s Farm is an exception.

Anyway, contact support here:
They may not reply, but I think they’re listening.

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