As of Tuesday 20 September, the latest software update for the Dish TV S8200 and T2200 FreeviewPlus Recorders is available for download. 

This update now includes an ADMIN Setting that allows users to switch between the FreeviewPlus Guide and the Freeview MHEG EPG, when selecting their preferred default guide for when the GUIDE button is pressed on the Remote Control.

Most devices should update automatically if connected to your home network (the internet), in some cases this may not occur and a manual update will be required. 
Where do I find the DEFAULT GUIDE setting?

Whether you're using the S8200 or the T2200, its location in the Menu will be the same. 

01 - Press the MENU button on your Remote Control to access the Main Menu.

02 - Shift across to the SETTINGS option and scroll up to select ADMIN, press OK

03 - Select DEFAULT GUIDE from the ADMIN options available.

04 - Press the LEFT or RIGHT arrow to choose either FREEVIEWPLUS or MHEG.

05 - Press the GREEN button to save the change. Your chosen default guide will now display when the GUIDE button is pressed.
The DEFAULT GUIDE setting does not show under ADMIN?

If for some reason your recorder has not performed the update, the setting will not be available. You will need to perform the software update on your recorder first before going through the steps shown above.

If you require help with updating at any point, contact us. Our Technical Support Team is ready and happy to help!

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How do I update it, my god can you not send a link. Just got this box yesterday and Im ready to return it.

argghhh nvermind... went on geekzone and found a post there. Said to turn off the internet on the aerial box.... worked. Got normal mheg menu now.

Hi Taylor, The MHEG EPG can be accessed while the unit is connected to the internet using the instructions above to set the MHEG EPG as your default guide. You are also welcome to give us a call on 0800 347488 or 079294123 and we can talk you through this process.



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    If you post regarding this, please include your Model Number which can be found in the Menu or the back of your TV. 

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