New Panasonic TH 55" - Freeview set-up - won't find any channels

Hi - wondering if anyone can help me, I have just bought a new Panasonic 55" LED TH series TV and have plugged it into my aerial socket in my house (which I believe is UHF, it's the one that you screw the cable into) and it won't seem to search for any channels. I have tried changing the LNB settings to 10750 and 11300 and have manually selected the D1 Optus satellite but still haven't had any luck - does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance, Jamie

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Good Morning Jamie, 

Can you confirm if you have a satellite dish on your roof or a UHF aerial. (The dish looks like an oval) 
Can you see another cable that appearsa to be from another aerial, if so try plugging that in and see what happens 


Thanks Josh, I’m in an apartment complex so I don’t know what the aerial is - all I know is that the plug at the wall is a female one that required a cable that can be screwed into it. I have searched my address on Freeview and it says that I have UHF. I’ve also since learned that there is an aerial booster in one of my cupboards that isn’t getting any power so I think that’s what is causing the issue - I have a technician coming over to check it out. Thanks for your help - Jamie

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