New Freeview On Demand platform coming soon. Keen to try it?

We've been working with broadcasters and app developers to create a New Freeview On Demand platform, which will improve video playback and content discovery through a pared back interface that's easy to navigate.

As Freeview Forum members, we’d like invite you to take part in an exclusive trial of this new platform before it’s made available nationwide, so you get to test drive the New Freeview On Demand in your home, from the comfort of your couch and provide some feedback to help us further enhance the new platform, identify and smooth out any glitches in the system.

To take part, you’ll just need to:

1. Meet some set up requirements: because the pre-production environment isn't yet available nationwide, in order to access it, you'll need to either be in Auckland using a UHF aerial, or be elsewhere in NZ using a satellite dish; and of course, you'll need to be an existing user of the current Freeview On Demand or FreeviewPlus service.

2. be available to test the new Freeview On Demand over a couple nights in the coming week and provide feedback by 9pm Sunday 15th April.


Just complete this form by midday Monday 9th April.

We’ll send you a note to let you know if you meet the set up requirements and if you do, we’ll include instructions on how to access the new platform and provide feedback.

Thanks in advance to anyone who's able and willing to take part in this trial, for helping to create a better and more stable new free streaming TV platform for all Freeviewers in New Zealand.

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Sorry guys, there was a link error to that form which has now been fixed, to give you a bit more time to register your interest, please fill in this form by midday Tuesday 10th April if you'd like to take part in this trial.  Thanks!



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