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I have had trouble free UHF aerial freeview since forever, but the other day the TVNZ channels started to go fuzzy and now none of them go. It comes up bad signal but all the TV3 channels are sweet as. Its the same on both my TV's. Any ideas what might have called this before I ring the man to come out? 


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It may seem that your aerial may have (overtime) become unaligned with the transmitter. This can happen over time and will need to be readjusted so that all channels can resume on your TVs. If you want to do some troubleshooting, Irecommend retuning your TV and see if TVNZ channels come back on, if not it may be worth having a look at these resources: Resource 1  Resource 2 orResource 3

You may need to contact your local installer if those options don't work.

Regards, Josh

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