Missing TVNZ channels - Diamond Harbour (Banks Peninsula)

Hi there,

Recently bought a house with an existing satellite dish, bought a DishTv satellite receiver.

We're missing a bunch of channels, we have Bravo and Breeze and Prime and 1-2 more (and some radio stations) for a total of 9 channels combined TV/Radio, but missing all the TVNZ content. Signal on the channels we do have is good and strong, reception/picture is clear. Re-tuning, blind scans, factory reset etc. not helping. Would this be an LNB issue? How are only some channels missing and others perfect?

Unfortunately we have no idea if this was a sky installation or strictly freeview, no markings at all on the dish that we can see and never asked previous owners.

Any hints? Thanks in advance :-)

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LNB replaced with new freeview one, factory reset the receiver and re-scanned. Sorted :-)

Thanks for your update on this JN, In most cases a new LNB or connection solves this issue :)


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