I know there was previous submission on missing channels but I couldn't find solution yet.

I used to get all freeview channels since freeview started, recently in the past 1-2 months I noticed I lost PRime, Maori TV, radio etc... I live in West Auckland, Lincoln road.

I have UHF aerial antenna bought 2-3 years from DSE.

The antenna Cable goes to a spliter and then into 3 TV's:

TV no.1 is connected to Panasonic HDD digital Tuner - channels are missing,

TV no.2 has built in Freeview - channels are missing, 

TV no.3 is connected to TIVO - gets all the channels 

I can't understand what is wrong, why TV 1 and TV 2 can't get these channels while the TIVO can? Is the TIVO so Special?

I tried resetting the tuners, did manual and auto tune, adjusting the antenna, checking the cable....still no signal, or the signal is there but low quality.

I do have trees around the house, but that wasn't the problem in the past few years.

I noticed the missing channels use different frequency (666 mhz?) 

Anyone has any idea? Any suggestion? 


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Hi Bojan,

There are three different "muxes" (groups of channels) on the UHF digital system. All the channels you are having difficulties with are on the "Kordia mux", so they will all show the same transmission frequency.

It sounds like the signal strength, on that mux, is lower than the other two muxes. Often, when this happens, one piece of equipment will pick up all the muxes while another won't. But from our experience, usually a digital TV has a lot lower "threshhold" than a Tivo. So I would normally expect your TVs to pick up all the muxes, while the Tivo may not.

Consequentally, I think your problem is more than likely in one of two areas:-

1. In your cabling or connections. - Is the length of the cable run to the Tivo considerably shorter than the cables to the other two units? - are the cables to the other two units not RG6, or have joins in them? - Do you have a three way splitter feeding to the three units, or do you have a two way splitter feeding to the Tivo and then into another splitter for the other two units?  Because splitters do attenuate a lot of signal from the system! So the more splitters, the lower the signal strength.

If all those things appear okay then it's probably:-

2. Low incoming signal, at the aerial, on that mux. - And trees will definately cause that, especially if they've grown a bit, or thickened up, in the last two to three years!

Check out what you can yourself, but an Installer will be able to measure the signal strength of that mux at various points in the circuit to ascertain exactly where the loss of signal is occurring.

Cheers,    Bill.

Hi Bojan,

What sort of antenna have you got on the roof, a yagi which is a long type of aerial or a phased array which is flat? If you have the long type you would be better advised to change it to a phased array.

the trees around you may have grown in the last year and the signal that was just getting through now isnt. You could also try replacing your splitter with an active type, go to a electrical wholesaler and take a look at a Matchmaster digital distribution amp as you current splitter will not be digital friemdly and will also introduce loss into the system.

Thank you Bill and CB for your replies and recommendations.

At least I know it's a problem at my end, I thought this was a major signal issue, apparently not. 

reply to your questions:

- I have Yagi type antenna bought new from DSE few years ago recommended for freeview 

- I have the most basic 4 way spliter bought from DSE (1 in and 4 out) I'll look to upgrade as you recommended  

- no additional connectors

- The tivo is the furthest of all  TV's and I use the same cable for the other TV as well, coaxial cable not sure if it's RG6

- Maybe it's the trees,  I may have to dust off the chainsaw and work on them a bit :)

I'll keep trying until I sort this out and will let you know.




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