hi i have a magic tv 3700 please does anyone know is there a official wifi adapter for this unit and where can i purchase one.
i plugged in a usb wifi adapter i already have but it tells me no adapter connected. thought maybe there is official one that works

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I believe Dishtv (http://www.dishtv.co.nz) is the NZ supplier. They used to have them listed on their website but don't appear to be there any more. Magic tv website (http://www.magictv.co.nz/support.html) has a contact email of support@magictv.co.nz. Send them an email. There doesn't seem to be any firmware updates in a while so it looks like it's pretty much dead.

I temporarily connected my Magic tv 3600 to a wired network some time ago to see what features were available but it wasn't stunning. From memory it was just some weather/news headlines, but when you looked at the details of the news item, the text appeared to be truncated. I also tried an USB wifi adapter I had and it didn't work either, so yes I believe you need the official one. I suggest you temporarily connect to a wired network and see if it's worth getting. Update this with how you get on.


thanks for info cliff i really only wanted the wifi adapter so i could control it with the smart phone app from what ive read has to have wifi adapter plugged in for this to work and because they no longer avail not going to worry about it.Wish someone could hack the firmware so any adapter would work
update on wifi adaptor i found one that works i plugged in a
d-link dwa-125 usb wifi adaptor and works perfect this model is pretty old now not sure if newer d-link adaptors would work

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