My Freeview box is a Hills HSMX Satellite box and I followed all the said instructions did the Channel scan and it went through 27 channels but on ended up with a list of 15 channels with Prime and the Edge missing and to be certain I did it right I went through the procedure several time with the same result so can someone please help to retrieve the lost channels?

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Hi Marius,

I have run through this procedure 3 times (after a Set Default in the System menu) and it has worked correctly for me each time.

Before the procedure you will have 15 channels and 18 channels after

Have you got the most recent software version installed i.e. "System --> Information --> Enter  . It should be v1.23

The only other thing I can suggest, did you select "Full Scan" in Step 20?




Just an additional thought:

When you select the new TP 12519 in step 8 do the Signal Strength and Signal Quality bars show 100% before you press the Green button?

I have just tried the procedure on two more HSMX200s and it was successfull on these as well.

Hi Graham I tried to redo the scan after insuring that the signal strength was at 100% before pressing the green button and went through all the channels but the end result was the same as before with Prime, the edge and TV4 plus still missing so I have not idea what to do next.........! 

Sorry I can't suggest anything else to look at.   Maybe someone else can assist with advice

Hsmx is defunct. 09 9126789 hills info line .
Waste of time trying to update as per instructions. It will never get new prime transponder no matter what you do .
Why hills have update instructions for hsmx200 is beyond me , it wont ever work, they say so themselves. Bloody ridiculous
Graham wilson : how could you have updated 2 hsmx 200 recievers when hills say it will never be able to recieve that new transponder??. Please ring the number posted above and hear for yourself



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