I'm in Auckland Northshore (Glamorgan Drive, Torbay) My aerial is aligned  with Waiatarua mast. There is no direct line of sight to either that or sky tower though.

I receive the channels on the 538MHz and 570MhZ muxes without any issue.

But I can't receive any channels on 666MhZ mux.

I'm using TVheadend with a TBS6205 quad card.

I'm not sure when this broke as its rare I watch any of the channels on the Kordia Mux.

Has the Mux for Kordia change sometime in the last few months?

Any ideas - I have checked horizontal polarity and alignment and they all seem fine.


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Hey Ashley, 

I am in Henderson and aligned with Waiatarua mast and i am receiving all the channels including Kordia clear. But I will check with the team to see if there were any changes. 

Have you tried another transmitter? 


thanks Josh,

I don't believe I can get reception via sky tower mast in my area (none of the aerials are pointed that way in our street) and can see this looking at the coverage maps;


If I look at the latest frequency pdf;


it appears;

TVNZ mux is on DTV29=534(+4)=538

MediaWorks mux is on DTV33=566(+4)=570

As said I receive those perfectly.

I have tried to scan Muxes at 518 (+4 ) and 598 (+4)

My previous configuration has the Kordia mux set to 666MHz; (which would correspond to 662 on the pdf)

strangely the pdf says;"DTV channels 40-48 (622 - 694 MHz) are allocated for DTV in NZ but assignment is subject to future Cabinet decisions and they are not currently available for licencing."

So I'm a little confused by the Kordia mux and why it would just drop out when the other muxes on the same transmitter are all fine.


Good Afternoon Ashley.

We have heard back from our team who have kindly provided some advice, 

They have advised you could try tuning to muxes on 586 MHz (DTV35) and 618 MHz (DTV39) to see whether they can be received. 

Alternatively, Kordia’s DTT site at Pine Hill may also provide coverage to Glamorgan Drive.  Pine Hill can possibly be received without adjusting the aerial – Pine Hill is in a similar direction as Waiatarua and is also horizontal polarisation.  DTT channels at Pine Hill are 530, 562, 578, 594, 610 MHz.”

Kordia have also explained about the allocation you quoted: 

K1 at WTA was on DTV45 in the early days but that was rechannelled at least 5 years ago to DTV37, so hasn’t been operational for 5 years.


You mention trying to scan 522 MHz (= DTV27 = Kordia Auckland TV mux) and 602 MHz (= DTV37 = K1), but presumably without success.  Perhaps there is marginal reception at Your house where some muxes are received but not others.  This is unlikely because the TVNZ and Mediaworks muxes that you have managed to receive would presumably be marginal and may fail during poor weather.

Hopefully this information is useful :) 

Kindest Regards,


Thanks Josh,

I've checked and I can't scan any of the Pinehill muxes (I'm half way down Glamorgan Drive in a bit of a dip if that makes a difference) or any of the other suggested frequencies. I will use the google maps to try and point the aerial exactly at Pinehill transmitter and rescan later.

For the time being I'll switch to IPTV, but I was quite disappointed in the relatively low bit rates of the IPTV channels.

As of now I only receive the following services on mux 534 (538 in tvheadend);


and on mux 566 (570 in tvheadend);


I guess after the lock down I'll need to get an aerial installer in to check a few things.

thanks again.

Thanks Josh again,

I used google maps to draw a line to the pinehill transmitter to align up and I can't scan any of the muxes on Pinehill. (the direction was a couple of degrees difference compared to Waiatarua at most from my house).

For the time being I'll switch to IPTV, but I was quite disappointed in the relatively low bit rates of the IPTV channels.

As of now I only receive mux 534 (538 in tvheadend) and mux 566 (570 in tvheadend);

According to TVheadend the SNR and signal strength without continuity errors are the following;

mux 534: SNR: 21.3 dB, Signal Strength: -79.0 dBm

mux 566: SNR: 20.3 dB, Signal Strength: -80.0 dBm

I guess if the values out of the TBS card are correct, the reception is marginal at the best.

thanks again.


Just to close the loop on all this. I got an EL-91 Aerial off tradme.

I aligned it to Waiatarua and then was able to tune into all the muxes after I had precisely aligned the aerial using a "Sathero SH-110HD" form aliexpress.

In tvheadend the muxes I need to specify are; 522,538,570,586,602,618MHZ (4 higher than the ones listed in;


thanks again for your help.



Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for the update


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