How is that done? Is it easy to do?


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Hey Julian, you would need to split the signal received by the external UHF aerial - a splitter would do the job but be mindful that splitting the signal does weaken its quality / strength.

So one should have separate aerial per tv?

It's all about signal strength and cable loss. Usually one aerial can be split two,or three times without issues. If you want to split more times, amplified splitters can be purchased.

With splitting, you won't see any degradation of the signal if the level is high enough. An installer will be able to measure the signal with a meter and tell you. Or you can just try it yourself- use the quality reading on the tv as a guide to whether it is ok or not. Better than 8/10 is good enough. Check each channel as they will all be a little different.

If the two tvs are not in a handy position for connecting, but are in line of sight, is there any way to get the signal to both tvs without a cable?


Not that I can think of, sorry. But if you can see the other tv from there, look at the screen on it!

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