Please do something about series links.

1) Series links 'finishing' when they shouldn't. I am constantly finding I have episodes not recorded because the link is gone. Then I have to search and set a new series link to record - which then creates a new entry in the library and I end up with multiple entries for the same program.

2) Sort out 'what' the links are linking to. For example: I continuously get repeat episodes recorded for Coronation Street - the one hour episodes at night (which I want) and the shorter episodes the next day (which I don't want).

With technology being what it is I don't understand why the system is so unreliable.

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I see I am not the only one who is frustrated by this. These links work by some sort of programme ID that the receiver can recognize. I think the problem is that the person responsible for input that ID gets it wrong sometimes. More training needed?

This has been going on for years so I'd be surprised if it's only one person responsible for the input. But something needs to be done about it. The whole series link system needs a jolly good overhaul.

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