Greetings, I've been having trouble getting reception on my Telray TS511 and I get the feeling its over heating.

 I'm afraid I'm not a techno dude and really just want the dam thing to go when I push the buttons but it seems to have a mind of its own.

 It was set up by the aerial guy when I first got it and I keep well away from anything that may cause problems and that could be the problem itself.

 It hates hot weather and has in the past worked after being turned off for a bit.

 Is this thing an easy fix or is it a dud please.

 Regards Don

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if it was mine would kill it
go get a HD capable box with hard drive and internet capable

Thanks very much, that was what I needed to hear..

 Regards Don

willis said:

if it was mine would kill it
go get a HD capable box with hard drive and internet capable

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