We have a few people who have noticed regular pixilation in Invercargill for the last 3 odd months on terrestrial Forest Hill site. .

we have gone to expensive testing with in one case new tv, new aerial and new cable with aerial, and 4g filters.and relocated aerial, no difference.

Have good signal and not affected by weather?? Not sure about the website as last major transmission loss was not posted for hours after .

Anyone else with this issue. Customers say 3 odd times a night.

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Hi Laurie again. We have more people with the signal breaks in Southland off Forest Hill transmitter.

Bloody sure it’s a fault as it’s all around the area. There is no way we can find anyone to take ownership of the fault and post it up as it’s costing people to get techs out to in some cases buy new televisions as all the   Freeview help has no option for a transmitter fault.

Perhaps the media or local mp.

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