Hi all.

We run a motel and use the smartvu device as our TV platform. Over the last couple of months we have found freeview to have become incredibly slow to load up. Previously a number of guests asked about the platform as they were so impressed with the functionality. Now not so.

Smartvu homescreen loads quickly but clicking on Freeview results in the red wheel of death for minutes. Once TV has loaded, changing the channel results in another long wait watching the red wheel of death. But all other applications work fine.

A complete factory reset and reinstall has been done on all devices but it hasn't helped.

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling freeview only.  No difference.

Technical details

  • Running the SV10 and 11 models (no improvement from SV11 over SV10) 
  • Veon 40 inch TVs (1080p @60HZ, HDMI auto adaption is on, HDMI CEC is off, HDCP is on, Force 1.4 is off)
  • Internet download speed is 84mbps
  • Wifi is 65 mbps  (each room has a functioning wifi extender and the wifi signal to the TVs is very strong))
  • The number of TVs running makes no difference to freeview loading speed.

Looking for suggestions if anyone has any.

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Interesting Andy

It sounds like you have gone through a tough troubleshooting process to iron out any simple fixes, but the issue remains. I would recommended contacting Dish TV directly to have a chat to their team. 

you can contact them on www.dishtv.co.nz


Cameron at DishTV has provided some excellent advice on this.

Good to hear! The team at DISH TV are stars indeed!


Andy McPhee said:

Cameron at DishTV has provided some excellent advice on this.

Hi Andy, 

Were Dish TV able to help with your issue?  We seem to have the same issue where the freeview Smart VU constantly freezes or brings up the red wheel of death even just minutes of turning it on.  I rang Dish TV but they didn't provide any helpful information - I was told to uninstall and reinstall freeview which didn't work.  The internet speed is fantastic and the picture reception when it does work is also great.  It's the freezing and red wheel that is the constant trouble!  

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