New Panasonic 32" finds no channels with autotune. Freeview signal is fine. Help please...

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Are you trying to get Satellite or UHF ? 


Thanks Josh; satellite

In the tuning menu, there is an option to edit the LNB settings, its quite possible the TV hasn't picked up the correct frequency, the FREQ should either be 10750 or 11300. Try either and rescan again to see if channels pick up. 


Peter said:

Thanks Josh; satellite
Thanks Josh: I'll try to talk my cousin through that (I'm in Nelson, she's in Blenheim, I was trying to set this up for her over the w/e)

Hi Josh, I know this is old news but I'm clutching at straws. Just put a new tv Panasonic FS500, at the Bach to replace a STB and old TV. Have tried what i can, changing the LNB numbers from 11300 to 10750 and back, changing from Optus D1 to D2 to none. Changing the region from Northland to Auckland Cannot get any signal..



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