Set top box: Dish TV satBox S7070r
Shows error "no reception, check cables or satellite". Tuning wizard finds no channels or reception, have unplugged and reset everything multiple times.

Any help on how to get this to work would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows decent technicians in the Cambridge/ Te Awamutu area that would be a bonus

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Also, upstairsour sky (through the same satellite) is working fine
set the lnb setting to either 11300 or 10750 as one should work
if still nothing new box time
Thanks for the reply willis, I have tried setting the LNB to 11300 and 10750 and neither work. I have also tried the set top box at another house, and it works fine, tunes automatically and very quickly. I rang Dish TV and they said the LNB part may have degraded, and when it does degrade, Freeview stops working before SKY because SKY operates on a larger band (which would explain why the sky works upstairs). Does this sound right? Thanks.
both freeview and sky have the same transponder bandwidth

Hey Guys!

Sorry, bit of a late reply....

Is it just me or did you say that it stopped working after a storm?
Maybe your dish has shifted slightly. Some channels are slightly stronger than others so might just come above the threshold.

If I were you I'd make sure your box is set to a proper channel (using someone else's dish), connect it to your dish and put a TV so you can see it from where the dish is. Then push the 'arm' on which the LNB is mounted a little bit right, left, up, down and see what happens. If you get results, carefully turn the dish in the opposite direction (I know, sounds weird but try) and optimise the position.

Let us know how it goes, good luck!


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