Hi, I've just moved house from Central Auckland to North Shore, have samsung freeview tv.  When I've put in the aerial cord to tv and turned it on I can't tune my channels.  The new house has both a sky dish and an UHF aerial.  Have also attached photo of the aerial plug as I don't know what plugs I need to use as one of the plugs has a power cord.  Will I also need to use a freeview receiver?  At my last house we just plugged in the outdoor aerial and was able to tune channels.  Would be grateful if anyone can assist.aerial%201.jpg

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Hi Tracey

The three outlets on one switchplate are most likely some sort of audio connectors, not relevant to your TV issues. It is possible that someone has repurposed them for TV, but would need someone on site with knowledge to check this. The top one looks like an aerial socket that could be connected to a UHF aerial. The presence of the power supply suggests that a signal amplifier has been used somewhere in the system. You could try plugging this in, then connecting the top socket to your TV aerial input if you have a suitable lead.

If there is an amplifier in the aerial circuit, then there will likely be no signal when it is not powered up.

A satellite dish lead in usually has a screw type connector (look up F connector on the web for a picture). This would be another option for you as many late model Samsung TVs have a satellite input as well. The satellite lead in may be in another room. The downside to using this is that satellite signals have lower resolution than the HD channels on UHF.

It is also possible that the satellite dish and the UHF aerial leads have been joined in a combiner box up on the roof somewhere, and need the appropriate splitter in the room with the TV. If the suggestions above don't help, you'll need someone with a bit of technical knowledge to help you. I'm too far away, sorry.


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