Hi, I bought a place up north (Kerikeri) a couple of years ago and should have done a bit of research before packing up our stuff from Hawkes Bay and finding there are no terrestrial transmitters in the Bay of Islands.

Consequently I have a hardly used  Panasonic DMR-XW440 which has been sitting in its box for a while. I'm heading down to the Bay in April and wonder if anybody would be interested in a swap for a satellite DVD recorder, it doesn't have to be flash, just as long as it works. The unit I have has a spare remote and is boxed in very good condition.

Failing that does anybody know if it's possible to swap the UHF tuner for a satellite model ?.



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Hey John, I know Panasonic has a satellite version of your twin-tuner recorder (model: DMR-HST270). If you don't get a swap arranged here, maybe put your UHF recorder up on TradeMe and get a Panasonic DMR-HST270 from your local electronics store?

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