Looking for vodafone tv replacement. Smart vu, v11 looks good. Does Google tv have freeview live?

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The smartVU11 comes with a freeview app, and even a button on the remote control to go straight there. Just don't press the button with a TV and aerial as the logo because that will not give you anything but a useless Google Live app. I have had one for several months and love it. I have loaded apps from the the Google store for all the on demand channels and also DWTV and France24. There are several other apps available that may be of interest to you.

Was wondering about Google TV having Freeview Live but apparently its exclusive to the Smartvu which is stupid. I thought Vodafone TV customers were being offered the Sky Pod to replace Vodafone TV: https://www.screenscribe.net/sky-box-and-sky-pod-update/

The Freeview app is available in the Google Play Store and can be loaded onto Google TV or your phone.

Search - freeview streaming tv

or visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nz.co.dishtv.Freeview...

It isn't available on Google TV or on your phone. Where did you get this info?

You are right it is not supplied when you purchase your phone or Google TV you have to install it afterwards by going to the Google Play Store

It just says device not compatible.

If you can not get it to download from the Play Store you may need to sideload it.

You can download the app from


and the instructions on sideloading an app I found here


You are on your own as I have not done this for the Freeview app or have followed those instructions.

Having the SmartVU11 meant that Freeview was already installed.

Hey guys,

As a replacement for Vodafone TV, the best way to get Freeview is with a SmartVU dongle.

It comes with a remote so when you're using it, it feels just like watching those channels (and everything else) on your telly, and it's super simple to set up, with the Freeview app pre-installed.

There're other apps available on the SmartVU too (TVNZ+, ThreeNow, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Neon... the list goes on).

Given that the SmartVU outputs 4K, price-wise it isn't that much different to a 4K Chromecast. 

It's also designed and supported right here in NZ (so support local!).

For those of you with Google TV or Andriod TV I may have found a simple solution to the Freeview app issue.

First off you will need to install the Google Live Channels app from the Google Play Store


Then install TVirl app from the Google Play Store


Then in the settings for TVirl use the following URLs

Playlist URL: https://i.mjh.nz/nz/kodi-tv.m3u8
EPG URL: https://i.mjh.nz/nz/epg.xml.gz

These are supplied by https://www.matthuisman.nz/2018/12/how-to-live-nz-iptv-channels-on-...

Then to watch Freeview just select/click on the Live Channels

But using the SmartVU11 is an easier solution.

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