Freeview via UHF is a land-based digital television & radio service which enables broadcasters to deliver selected programmes in High Definition.  You can identify HD programmes by checking the Freeview TV Guide & looking out for the "HD" marker - the same information is available via the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide, or EPG

Being land-based means that the digital signal comes from transmission towers sited around New Zealand and is received via your UHF aerial. 

To get Freeview via UHF, you will need a working UHF aerial and either a Freeview via UHF digital receiver, or a TV with Freeview via UHF built in.  If you can get Maori TV and PRIME using your existing aerial, then it is OK for Freeview via UHF.

Below is a list of transmission sites and signal polarity to help you check whether your UHF aerial is aligned correctly.

Transmission Tower Coverage Area Polarity
Waiatarua Auckland City Horizontal
Sky Tower Auckland CBD Vertical
Pinehill North Shore Horizontal
Remuera Remuera Vertical
Waiheke Eastern Bays Vertical
Parahaki Whangarei Vertical
Te Aroha Waikato Horizontal
Hamilton Hamilton CBD Vertical
Kopukairua Tauranga / Nth Bay of Plenty Vertical
Pukepoto Rotorua Vertical
Whakaroa Taupo Vertical
Mt Erin Napier, Hastings / Hawke's Bay Vertical
Napier Airport Napier in-fill Vertical
Parikanapa Gisborne Horizontal
Wheatstone Road Gisborne City Horizontal
Mt Egmont New Plymouth / Eastern Taranaki Horizontal
Wharite Palmerston North / Manawatu Vertical
Mt Jowett Whanganui Horizontal
Kaukau Wellington City Horizontal
Ngarara Kapiti Vertical
Baxters Knob Porirua Horizontal
Fitzherbert Lower Hutt Horizontal
Haywards Upper Hutt Vertical
Popoiti Masterton / Wairarapa Horizontal
Mt Campbell Nelson / Tasman Vertical
Kaka Hill Nelson in-fill Horizontal
Sugarloaf Christchurch Horizontal
Cave Hill Timaru Vertical
Mt Cargill Dunedin Horizontal
Forest Hill Invercargill / Southland Vertical


Note on Polarity:

Horizontal Polarity means the receptor rods on the UHF aerial needs to be in horizontal formation - as shown below:

Vertical Polarity means the receptor rods on the UHF aerial needs to be in vertical formation - as show below:

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