We got our parents a Veon 32in for their bedroom a few weeks back.  Was working fine on Freeview as DTV channels and SKY as ATV despite no more UHF Ariel at that house (sat dish only).  Main TV had an old unused VHS and DVD attached. Also an RF modulator. No splitters, just a t joiner  

Regretfully, we moved the lounge TV yesterday without noting all the connections, and also ditched the VHS and DVD.  Now the VEON won't  pick up any DTV (Freeview) channels - Only Sky on ATV via the RF Modulator. 

Really confused. Did the old setup act as a digital tuner? has the Veon tuner crapped out?  Trying to find any info on the VEON specs is a waste of time  

NB: VEON also has 'Signal Information' greyed out on MENU 

Thanks on advance. 

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Hi Nigel, any luck with the veon tv picking up freeview?

I have a veon freeview tv, and when the aerial is grayed out, I think that means there wasn't any reception.

Be good to hear back if you had any luck.


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