Why does my new LG tv have a freeview programme banner appearing every few minutes

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I think what you are seeing is the prompt for you to hit the green button on your remote to go to Freeview On Demand. 

So how do I stop it happening?

From live broadcast TV, using your remote:

1. Change channel so the Freeview pop up is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

2. Press the RED button to load the MORE.

3. Using arrow keys, navigate across to SETTINGS (the 'gear' icon)


5. Tap the LEFT ARROW key until OFF is displayed.

6. Tap the RETURN key until you go back to live TV, or press the EXIT key.

Now you won't see the mini guide pop up each time you change channel.

To access Freeview On Demand, you can press the LEFT arrow key or the OK button on your remote.

We have done this but the banner is still appearing every 30 seconds!

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