I have a Dish A2 receiver and whenever I try and watch an On Demand program it requests a LOGIN. If I go through the tedious process of logging in, I can watch the program fine, but it is so annoying to have to login every time. Have tried rebooting my A2 with a turn off at wall and power up, but no luck. Any one else had this problem????

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Think I can answer this myself. I called Dish and the very helpful tech there suggested I download the latest operating software onto a USB stick to plug into my A2 receiver and load the latest update. Tried that but the A2 would not accept the USB stick update. Dish then sent me a preloaded USB stick, the A2 downloaded the latest update and bingo, I no longer have to  Login every time I try and watch an ON Demand show. Problem solved.... Thanks for your help Dish -TV.  

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ALL PLATFORMS WORKING WELL, except a glitch with UHF transmission in Hawkes Bay affecting some JVC and VEON TVs.  See Network Status for more info and updates.

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